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Why use Mediation?

Saves Time and Money
Mediation can be much faster than a lawsuit and therefore typically much less expensive.

Mediation can help the parties find a more satisfactory solution than the win/lose result of going to court.

Mediation is not open to the public.  Therefore, the dispute can be resolved without unwanted publicity.

The parties can openly and honestly discuss all the issues of the dispute.  If the dispute is not resolved in mediation, the mediator will keep everything in confidence and will not testify in court.

Avoid An Unpredictable Outcome
Mediation gives the parties an opportunity to fashion a solution in which both sides benefit.

Settlement Compliance
The parties are likely to comply with a settlement that was voluntarily worked out in mediation.

Control Of The Process
The parties, not a judge or jury, decide when, where and how to resolve their disputes.

Negotiated hourly rate, typically shared 50/50, in which case cost is 1/2 to each party.

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